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SLDC Annual report for year 2015-16.more
SLDC Gujarat has been conferred with Runner up award under the category of Technology Excellence by Mission Energy Foundation, Mumbai during RISE-2016 Event.more
The Solar Energy was not certified in SEA of Oct- 2016 due to outstanding dues on account of RTU rental charges of 2016-17, Also OA consumers to take note of above & pay RTU rental charges for 2016-17.more
Wind Energy Blocked of November-16 for following parties. click for detailsmore
Corrigendum II of the tender “Load/Demand Forecasting for Gujarat State” has been release. more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.29 from 20/10/2014 TO 26/10/2014 REV-2 has been uploaded.more
REC Account for the week no.27 from dt.03.10.2016 to dt.09.10.2016 REV-0 has been uploadedmore
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.31 from 31/10/2016 TO 06/11/2016 has been uploadedmore
REC Account for the week no.28 from dt.10.10.2016 to dt.16.10.2016 REV-0 has been uploadedmore
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.32 from 07/11/2016 TO 13/11/2016 has been uploadedmore
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.16 from 21/07/2014 TO 27/07/2014 REV-1 has been uploaded.more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.33 from 14/11/2016 TO 20/11/2016 has been uploadedmore
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.34 from 21/11/2016 TO 27/11/2016 has been uploadedmore
Wind Energy Blocked of December-16 for following parties.more
REC Account for the week no.29 from dt.17.10.2016 to dt.23.10.2016 REV-0 has been uploadedmore
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.24 from 12/09/2016 TO 18/09/2016 REV-1 has been uploadedmore
Grid Frequency : 50.07 Hz
Gujarat Catered : 12199 MW







Important Message :

Due to Technical Upgradation,SLDC app is to be re-installed for better view of realtime data & trends.

Mandatory Payment Disclosure by Parties for Payments related to SLDC_Getco.For detail open

Due to long outage of Ukai left bank canal for repairing effective from Date 10-12-2016 for 60 days, the Ukai Thermal Power Plant Unit No. 1 to 5 will be under outage due to non-availability of cooling & service water. Therefore, the Short Term Open Access will not be permitted to the consumers feeding through 220Kv Asoj-Jambuva, 220Kv Jhanor-Haldarwa & 400/220Kv Ukai ICT which are critically loaded during the above outage period.

No interim consideration will be granted to the interim payment for open access NOC & solar-wind Energy Certificates Release.

The Competent authority has decided to consider any last day of previous month for payment received/due, to consider for granting NOC for openaccess & solar-wind Energy Certificates.

SLDC has introduced e-Payment facility for Monthly SLDC Charges (Including Corporate Net Banking From SBI/IDBI) . To avail this facility pleaseclick

Wind Energy Blocked of November-16 for following parties.For list open

SEM data & Time Block wise UI data after dt.01/04/2015 is available in EASS software. However, SEM data & Time Block wise UI data before dt.01/04/2015 is available on SLDC website.i.e. All stake holders are requested to take a note of this. In case of any further information required, refer to E-mail ID :- /

EASS Software can be accessed through

Energy data of WEG, who have paid SLDC Fees and Charges will be available on SLDC website on 18th June 2016 at 6:00pm


Welcome to SLDC, Gujarat

The State Load Dispatch Center is the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the Gujarat. It is the strategic functional unit of Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd., for discharging various functions specified under Section 32 of Indian Electricity Act 2003.

Section 32: Indian Electricity Act2003

The State Load Despatch Centre shall-

  • Be responsible for optimum scheduling and despatch of electricity within a State, in accordance with the contracts entered into with the licensees or the generating companies operating in that State;
  • Monitor grid operations
  • Keep accounts of the quantity of electricity transmitted through the State grid
  • Exercise supervision and control over the intra-state transmission system
  • Be responsible for carrying out real time operations for grid control and despatch of electricity within the State through secure and economic operation of the State grid in accordance with the Grid Standards and the State Grid Code.

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