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Grid Frequency : 49.85 Hz
Gujarat Catered : 13587 MW
Revision : 4
Remarks : ,


State Load Despatch Centre is the nerve centre for Gujarat Power System operating since 1969. Our principal activities include operating Gujarat system in most economical way by economic load despatching, merit order operation. SLDC, principally has to remain in contact with other utilities like GUVNL (Trading Co.), GSECL (Generating Co.), DISCOMs (DGVCL, MGVCL, UGVCL, PGVCL), AEC, SEC, IPPs, CPPs, Non-Conventional Generating Units and has to be conversant with the matters pertaining to concern utility for best results.


Three Nos. of Area Load Despatch Centre (ALDC) are set up at Gandhinagar, Jambuva and Jetpur under Unified Load Despatch Centre scheme of Western Region.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system referred as SCADA is available at SLDC to get on line data of power system. System analog data such as MW, MVAR, KV and HZ and digital data such as breaker isolator ON or OFF status is available for all power stations, all 400 KV sub-stations and strategic 220 KV sub-stations.


SLDC's structure: For more information about the structure of the SLDC,go toSLDC Structure Our company details


State Load Despatch Centre, GETCO GUJARAT (SLDC Gotri) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited encompasses virtually Generation Scheduling, monitoring real-time power system network, managing line and unit outages and assets of the GETCO Limited Group.


Registered Office

State Load Despatch Centre,132kV Gotri Sub Station Compound,Nr. T.B. Hospital,Gotri Road,

Vadodara 390021, Gujarat,INDIA


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