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SLDC Gujarat has been conferred with Runner up award under the category of Technology Excellence by Mission Energy Foundation, Mumbai during RISE-2016 Event.more
The Solar Energy was not certified in SEA of Oct- 2016 due to outstanding dues on account of RTU rental charges of 2016-17, Also OA consumers to take note of above & pay RTU rental charges for 2016-17.more
Wind Energy Blocked of November-16 for following parties. click for detailsmore
Corrigendum II of the tender “Load/Demand Forecasting for Gujarat State” has been release. more
Wind Energy Blocked of January-17 for following parties.more
Procedure for integration of a new network element of a transmission licensee into the grid and issuance of certificate by Regional Load Despatch Centre (RLDC) for successful trial operation of a transmission element.more
Publish Date Wise UI/DSM Week Summary.more
REC Account for the week no.39 from dt.26.12.2016 to dt.01.01.2017 REV-0 has been uploadedmore
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.41 from 09/01/2017 TO 15/01/2017 has been uploaded.more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.37 from 15/12/2014 TO 21/12/2014 REV-1 has been uploaded.more
REC Account for the week no.40 from dt.02.01.2017 to dt.08.01.2017 REV-0 has been uploadedmore
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.39 from 29/12/2014 TO 04/01/2015 REV-1 has been uploaded.more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.11 from 15/06/2015 TO 21/06/2015 REV-1 has been uploaded.more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.12 from 22/06/2015 TO 28/06/2015 REV-1 has been uploaded.more
Grid Frequency : 50.02 Hz
Gujarat Catered : 13718 MW







Factors Affecting Demand

Factors affecting electricithy demand provides supports to various constituents and power utlitities for forecastign their short term demand and operational planning for real time operator.

Factors Responsible   Effect on Demand
Drastic Drop in Temperature    Cooling load affecting in night hours 
Rain fall in Westeren &South Gujarat    Load Pattern Changed 
Ravi Season in North Gujarat    Rise in Agriculture demand ( Period January, February ). At the end of February and beginning of March, demand will be higher as the crop cultivation time comers closer 
'Jeera' crop concentrated in Western Gujarat    Rise in Agricuture demand ( January to March ). Demand gradually increases as the crop cutlivation time comes closer. 
Huge drop in temperature in Northen India    Cooling load decreases may cause in increase of frequency 
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All India Weekly weather Report
Cyclone Warning Issued by RSMC Bulletin
Latest Preliminary Earthquake Report


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